Morteza Ali spring ( چشمه مرتضي علي )

Morteza- Ali Hot Spring (چشمه آبگرم مرتضي علي )

There is a valley (Kale’ Sar Dar) around Kharv village in Tabbas  that the water of small and big springs is flowing there. In the valley and on the ribs there are some cavities and channels (so-called Khaneyeh Gabrha) related to Sassanid dynasty (early 3rd century AD until 651). It is the source of cultivation water of Tabas farms and garden.

After about 30min of walking against the stream of water, there are numbers of springs and especially hot springs that the biggest one is flowing from a cavity which is called Morteza-Ali hot spring. After the spring the valley is getting narrow and the small springs flow into the valley. Continuing the way we encounter to Shah-Abbasi Dam . its curved and oldest curved dam . it was a masterpice that time .

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