kordineh village

The village of Kordoe is one of the lush and lush villages , it is located 21 km southwest of Mashhad and is located 7 km southwest of Torqabeh and is limited to the villages of Anbaran, Taraghdar, Jaghraq,  and Shandiz districts.

The access road to the village and the beautiful Kordineh district begins at the end of the Jaghragh and extends through the river’s margin and the heights covered with flowers and plants.

The access route to the Kordineh is so beautiful that during the journey you will forget about the destination and the final destination and immerse yourself in the beauty of the world around you. Especially if you started your journey from the middle of spring, when the greenery is at its peak .

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Boshrooyeh desert

Boshrooyeh is located in the northwestern province of South Khorasan .
The weather is deserted, and the most striking feature of this, is the extreme temperature difference overnight. Due to the low rainfall in this area, most water is used for the use of livestock and farmers through aqueducts and springs. Boshruyah has four main and old neighborhoods.
Boshrouyeh Mills there is a great reputation in this desert region. Boshruyeh has mines of iron ore, lead and turquoise, and these mines are located in a region called Neigan. Due to the size of the desert and salt in this area, its pastures are low and vegetation is delicate. Plants of this region are of high-end species such as Artemisia, Haloxylon and Skambillus.