Natural of Iran

there are alot of beaufitul natural places in Iran

badab soort spring

Beatiful spring located in north of Iran , (sari ,Mazandran) ,

badab soort comprises a range of stepped travertine terrace         formations created over thousands of years as flowing water from two mineral hot springs cooled and deposited carbonate minerals on the mountainside.

Badab is a persian compound of Bād “gas” + āb “water”, translating to “gassed water”, referring to the springs’ waters being . carbonatedmineral waters,  Soort is an old name for the Orost village and a Persian word meaning intensity


shirabad waterfal

The Shirabad waterfall is a waterfall in the northern Iranian village of Shirabad, in the Fenderesk district of Golestan province and in the slopes of Alborz Mountains in a forested area..

halvan desert

it s located in tabas in approximately in central of iran from N3355 till N3337 & E5605 till E5615

it s pretty beautiful place

its proximity to the village of Helwan with easy access to facilities and services nature provides. The sand dunes can be navigated on foot and safari vehicles are also provided.

wild life

it has kind of snake , ,scorpin , wolf , jackel , gold eagle , vulture , sandy fox , sandy cat  , and etc

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Morteza- Ali Hot Spring (چشمه آبگرم مرتضي علي )

There is a valley (Kale’ Sar Dar) around Kharv village in Tabbas  that the water of small and big springs is flowing there. In the valley and on the ribs there are some cavities and channels (so-called Khaneyeh Gabrha) related to Sassanid dynasty (early 3rd century AD until 651). It is the source of cultivation water of Tabas farms and garden.

After about 30min of walking against the stream of water, there are numbers of springs and especially hot springs that the biggest one is flowing from a cavity which is called Morteza-Ali hot spring. After the spring the valley is getting narrow and the small springs flow into the valley. Continuing the way we encounter to Shah-Abbasi Dam . its curved and oldest curved dam . it was a masterpice that time .

ontact with leader : +989355013615  Dabbaghi

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